Mr. Lawler teaches courses in color theory and quality control, digital photography, prepress, and advanced typography. He is a graphic arts and photographic industry expert with over 40 years’ experience in photography, typography, prepress systems, platemaking, press, and production systems. Lawler is a specialist in color management systems and the integration of precision color systems in prepress workflows.

As a consultant, he has worked worldwide for firms including Eastman Kodak Company, Apple Computer, Hewlett-Packard, Adobe Systems, Xerox, Epson America, and Nikon. He is the author of the Official Adobe Print Production Guide, published in 2005. That book has been published in English, French, and Turkish editions. He also has a blog on graphic arts topics at His recent work involves the design of digital typefaces from the collection of antique type in the Shakespeare Press Museum at Cal Poly.


Sunday, 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.
Color: How Do You See It?

Color is in 100% of our lives, and is a very large percentage of the work we produce today. About 8% of the population, however, has some sort of color deficiency. Color blindness tests can identify color-defective vision, and provide a baseline of knowing what type of color deficiency you have—and to what extent. How does this affect you, your design, and your brand? In this session, you will learn how to test for color vision defects, how to respond to color-deficiency, and how to incorporate color into your design so that all people can see it effectively.