Christopher Campbell studied art and art history at Yale and Brown, photography with Ansel Adams, painting with Joan Mitchell in France. Visiting lecturer/adjunct professor at University of Michigan, Penn State. Photographer with fifty years of experience, full-time visual artist for twenty-five years. Color management expert with long experience profiling displays, scanners, inkjet printers and digital cameras.


Monday, 11:10 a.m. – 12:10 p.m.
Pigment to Print: Accurate Color in the World of Art Reproduction

In a world of instant sharing of imagery, the need for the faithful reproduction of works of cultural heritage for the future becomes ever more important. Works of art have been created with every imaginable pigment and material, and reproducing them accurately presents a significant challenge. Learn the necessary steps — setting up color management, capturing a target, profiling a camera, editing an image, profiling a printer, and making a print — that make any subject look its best. In this session, Christopher Campbell and Franz Herbert will show procedures and workflow that will benefit not just Vermeer and Monet, but every photograph you take!