With over 40 years experience in photography, design, prepress, printing, and color science, Don Hutcheson has pioneered many techniques we now take for granted, like RGB workflows, soft proofing, extended-gamut printing, and digital proofing. In 1995 he started the world’s first color management consultancy, HutchColor, LLC, to bring the concept of ICC color management to professional graphic users.

Today he continues to train the world’s top printers, publishers, agencies, photographers, and designers through private consulting and public conferences. In 2006 as chair of the IDEAlliance GRACoL committee, Don used his own Proof-to-Press calibration method (now known as “G7®”) to produce the current GRACoL and SWOP data sets. Since then G7 has made standardized printing and proofing easier and more accessible to thousands of printers
and print buyers world-wide.


Saturday, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Color Management 101: The Complete Primer

The goal of color management is to obtain the best possible match across color devices, but it can be an intimidating subject to newcomers. The good news is that ICC color management is based on amazingly simple principles that anyone can understand, regardless of their technical knowledge. This foundation-level course is taught by Don Hutcheson, color management pioneer and inventor of the G7® methodology, a system used worldwide to standardize printer calibration and make printing and proofing easier. You are guaranteed to come out of this class ready to take in any seminar in the Color conference!

Tuesday, 9:40 – 10:40 a.m.
Brunch with the Standards Gurus

A great deal of work goes into the development of standards that are applicable to the graphic arts industry. But once these standards are accepted, not everyone agrees on which are most important, how they are best implemented—or whether they even need to be implemented. In this lively panel discussion, Don Schroeder will host a lively panel of distinguished standards gurus where they will discuss today’s trends, technologies, and standards development, and how it will affect color management in the future.