Erica is the president of Rods and Cones, a company based in Santa Cruz. They provide workflow services including color management, automation, press/design coordination and verification, for the graphic and printing industries. Their digital publishing division was launched in 2013. They publish a magazine called Out of Chaos.


Monday, 2:20 – 3:20 p.m.
It’s “IN” the Package: Using AR for Unlimited Branding

More consumer packaged goods (CPG) are incorporating augmented reality to leverage a more engaging customer experience. Including AR on packaging can extend the value of print by including additional information about the product or be a component to a campaign. And, did you know that AR can even be used to combat counterfeiting? Check out this session and learn more about how augmented reality can be incorporated into packaged goods, why packaging is the perfect vehicle for AR applications, and real-world examples of successes and flops.