James S. Summers is the Vice President of Just Normlicht, Inc. and GL Optic’s businesses in the Americas. These companies design, manufacture and deliver color critical lighting and light measurement tools for use in productions environments. Mr. Summers’ background in color, lighting and color workflows spans over 30 years in management, business development, marketing, product management and services across a wide variety of companies and application environments.

Mr. Summers has worked for and consulted with organizations across the digital communication industries, helping them define, develop and implement products and services they offer themselves, as well as those they procure or offer though partnerships with others. His expertise includes color management, conventional and digital printing, content management, web development, databases, and work process optimization.

James Summers is a frequent speaker at industry events, a prior member of the Color Conference’s Color Management Advisory Committee, and a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology with a Master’s of Science in Printing Technology.


Sunday, 1:10 – 2:10 p.m.
Illuminating Advancements in LED Lighting

How color “looks” is all about the lighting. The adoption of LED lighting is occurring at an unprecedented rate throughout all phases of workflow—ultimately beginning and ending with consumers. The pace of change in LED lighting standards is also behind the rate of commercialization and adoption by both consumers and commercial users. James Summers will discuss the current, practical, and commercial state of LED lighting as it is incorporated at each stage of workflow, and how this will continue to advance and evolve over time.