As one of the best known and respected members of the color management and print process control community in North America and the British Islands, Juergen has profound understanding of the processes involved both in production and process control, especially color management and print standardization. This has constantly proven to be a very helpful and valuable asset, while always trying to add more skills and knowledge to his existing repertoire. His curious mind and the ability to recognize and translate deeply complex scenarios into easily understandable information proved invaluable for management, operators or software developers. His experience and know-how lend themselves to his ability to recognize issues and take swift action towards process improvement and often result in company-wide best practices that stand the test of time. His focus on detail, the thoroughness to follow through and strong integrity are among the key character traits that resulted in his excellent reputation and respect with customers, vendors and industry partners throughout the years.

He especially enjoys sharing his knowledge and affect beneficial changes in the industry. In the past he moved frequently, often joining a new foreign subsidiary and being instrumental to its growth into a self-sustaining business unit. He lives with his wife in New Hampshire.


Monday, 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.
Manage PDF Brand Colors Like a Pro

Once we leave the world of CMYK, things often get seemingly complicated. Learn how brand owners and printers can accurately communicate all brand color related information without mailing ink drawdowns and how they can easily verify if proofs or production are within specs. We explore the advanced options of PDF/X-4 to not only hold channel names, but even include spectral reference, tint, overprint and in some cases even ink recipe data. We’ll see how this data is used in proofing, production and verification, then touch on the benefits of central brand color databases and future possibilities.