Ray has worked in a number of rolls in X-Rite from front line support to working with it’s largest OEM customers integrating X-Rite solutions with theirs. His current roll is to look forward at trends and workflows to align X-Rite’s products now and in the future.

Prior to X-Rite Ray ran a test digital imaging facility for Eastman Kodak, a successful photo studio in Chicago and has managed both large and small photographic production

Ray is chairman of ANSI/CGATS, chair of CGATS SC3, Metrology and Process Control. Ray also is head of the US TAG for ISO on graphic arts standards and is Vice chair of the International Color Consortium (ICC).


Monday, 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.
What’s New in Standards and Why Should You Care?

As Chair of CGATS Committee for Graphic Arts Technologies Standards, no one knows more about the latest in standards developments than Ray Cheydleur. In this session, Ray will cover the latest industry standards and updates, where certification is important and how to get certified by various organizations, the importance of staying current with standards development, and what the future might hold.

Tuesday, 9:40 – 10:40 a.m.
Brunch with the Standards Gurus

A great deal of work goes into the development of standards that are applicable to the graphic arts industry. But once these standards are accepted, not everyone agrees on which are most important, how they are best implemented—or whether they even need to be implemented. In this lively panel discussion, Don Schroeder will host a lively panel of distinguished standards gurus where they will discuss today’s trends, technologies, and standards development, and how it will affect color management in the future.