ChromaChecker is the first color cloud which tracks and integrates all devices that affect color results within any manufacturing process. It provides a blue print for a Graphic Arts company with a Break/Fix mentality, effectively transition to a manufacturing company focused on proactive assessment of all of the devices within the workflow. ChromaChecker starts by assessing that the measurement instruments are precise and providing accurate data, without a precise instrument, all the data collected is potentially worthless. ChromaChecker also assesses any output device, and it works with virtually any software that can export one of five color file formats (CGATs, XML, cXf, SVF, MIF). It can iterate G7 tone curves for plate or digital press to keep it G7 compliant without a dedicated press run. It assesses the Plate setter, and the Lighting conditions to ISO standards. It has an Accountability inspector that alerts operators and managers if a key attribute should fail conformance. All within one neat, easy to understand solution.